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Reinventing BI. Again.

QlikView is the leader in Business Discovery and their latest iteration is focused on providing what the workforce needs – and it’s not another tool that puts a new face on the same old data. Instead, they’re designing QlikView.Next to be a complete technology platform surrounded by an ecosystem of people, services, and applications that reinvent BI.

QlikView.Next will unearth new insights by supporting how users naturally ask questions and pursue answers. Users will be able to collaborate, discuss analysis, and persuade others with data presented visually in interactive apps. Everyone will have access to data anytime and anywhere so they can confidently engage in decision-making that always feels like a natural part of the business process.

See it in Action

Watch as Anthony Deighton, Chief Technology Officer and Senior VP, Products, QlikView, demonstrates QlikView.Next in action.

Natural Analytics

People achieve amazing things when they do what comes naturally. QlikView envisions Natural Analytics as a way to tap into your innate ability to detect patterns, compare information, and make predictions. You’ll be able to explore all your data from anywhere, ask your own questions, and follow the results wherever they naturally take you.

Turn Data into Action

Ask your own questions to uncover new insights into your data. Make better decisions through active collaboration, then act quickly with full confidence in your analysis. Discover. Decide. Do.

A technology platform for the future

In today’s world, everybody is an analyst and decision-maker. Technology has to empower every user to explore data, uncover insights, collaborate, and persuade. The decision-making platform has become a core business requirement. Data is the fuel for success, and data governance and security is more critical than ever.

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