What is Transformation? It’s a commonly used phrase and one that comes up in most conversations we have with our customers who, interestingly, also have different opinions on what it really means.

Let’s consider the humble caterpillar; this becomes something completely different, unrecognisable from its previous form. It’s transformed into a butterfly. Similarly, in business, transformation is a whole scale change to the foundational components of the business. A true transformation programme touches every function of the business and creates a brand new version that’s completely different.

Continuously changing

Organisations often develop new services and new products. Social Housing organisations often move into different areas, sometimes as a necessity to pick up on services that the Council no longer funds such as drug and alcohol related support, vulnerable people and the homeless. We have seen an unprecedented number of housing associations merge in the last 2-3 years… but none of these events are necessarily transformative.

Generally, organisations have to go through transformation when they’ve failed to evolve. If they’re continuously changing to meet new demands, responding quickly to market conditions and are innovative in delivering new products and services, they don’t necessarily need to transform.

Envision the future

Our aim at Castle is to help organisations understand new markets and new and future technologies. We want to help them evolve, bring new products and services to their organisations and envision the future as their trusted adviser. A big part of this is getting the technology platform right, with easy integration into cloud services, flexibility when immediate resource is required while having unrestricted freedom of choice.

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