During my college years I was quite the Depeche Mode fan, ‘Violator’ being one of my favourite albums at the time. When Martin Gore wrote “Policy of Truth” I doubt he was thinking of Data Protection, however the song is about trust in a relationship and being open and transparent. Quite apt when I ponder this new era of privacy as, since 25th May, the EU GDPR is now fully enforceable. When it comes to our personal data, at least, we shouldn’t be left feeling violated by the organisations we choose to have personal data relationships with.

When we give our personal data over to any organisation we want to know it’s in safe hands. As I wrote in a previous blog under the GDPR organisations need to be better data custodians in how they handle our personal data; how they collect it, what they do with it and how long they will keep it for.

So how can organisations become better guardians of the personal data they hold, in what seems like a galaxy of data privacy rules and regulations?

Build a Data culture

Do you truly understand the personal data that sits within your organisation? It is paramount that all staff, from board level to juniors, understand the implications it has on them. This is where a strong culture of data education and data literacy needs to be driven along with a mentality that GDPR compliance is just the start of the journey and not a finish point for all businesses.

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