PanConnect is a state-of-the-art cloud based system developed over a number of years that will mobilise your workforce and empower your customers.

Working alongside Housing Insight, a number of our social housing providers are seeing the benefits of PanConnect as a mobile working self-service solution to empower their employees and tenants. The next stage in development is the latest module for Supported People. This system has been developed in partnership with people in Care and Support specifically for the needs of the Supporting People sector. One of the key contributors has been the Pobl Group – the largest Registered Social Landlord in Wales.

Built for Supported Care

Using the module, operators can initiate a Referral at any time, by providing the relevant data through a selection of forms. This data can then auto populate fields at the Booking In stage, where forms and documents can be digitally signed by both operator and customer. Void properties and key workers are presented in the system and a selection can be chosen based on needs.

The Case Management stage allows needs assessments to be followed step by step and areas of risk to be highlighted in more detail. A key working tool is used to manage all interactions. Stages of risk can also be generated in Risk Management and digital forms created to assess the risk into categories.

Comprehensive Reporting

Once a record is created, File Management & Reporting is made simple and accessible to all, with updateable and prepopulated forms when needed. Reporting from different areas delivers an easy view for targets and support areas.

“The system has fundamentally changed the way that we work across all our Supported Housing and Floating Support Services. It has streamlined all our processes, provided comprehensive workflow for staff and dramatically increased the amount of time available to provide face to face support to our customers. In addition to this, monitoring our own services can now be done at the touch of a button, on site and remotely.”

Tirzah Anderson, Solas’ Quality, Performance and Development Manager within Pobl, and key architect of the PanConnect Supporting People system.

Want to find out more and see PanConnect in action? Register for our Supported People webinar on Friday 26th January at 10am.