In a recent study by Beaming, the business Internet Service Provider, it was revealed that 46% of companies in the UK plan to invest in cloud services in 2018.

Private or enterprise clouds which rely entirely on a company’s own IT infrastructure were the most popular form of cloud service, with a quarter (23%) of all businesses surveyed planning to adopt this option.

Public cloud services were also a popular option, with a fifth (21%) of companies planning to invest further in services from the likes of Google, Microsoft or Amazon. Large companies intend adopting public cloud services at the highest rate (33%)

One in ten (10%) firms said they intended to invest in colocation, with data stored on their own equipment located in a third party data centre.

This coupled with the fact that the millennials generation has grown up as users of portable devices expecting instant access to information shows that organisations need to consider that this generation will be entering the workplace with high expectations of similar easy access to the information needed for their job.

The right type of cloud adoption model very much depends on the unique requirements of your organisation but we firmly believe cloud is here to stay and here’s a few reasons why we think it’s the case:

The rise of the flexible worker

Remote and flexible working is becoming increasingly popular, whether it’s because it keeps office costs down, as a motivator for staff who don’t have the stress of commuting or because workers are generally out and about more visiting customers and so there’s no longer a need to have a physical base. It’s predicted that half of the UK workforce will work remotely by 2020. Having secure access to business resources and systems at any time on any device is vital to the productivity of these mobile workers. The cloud makes this possible.

If you don’t your competition will

Early adopters of the cloud know how easy and quick it is to scale up IT requirements as the business grows, enabling them to get new products to market quicker. Not only do they avoid capital costs but also avoid decision-making delays when they come to replace legacy systems to increase productivity. Anytime, anywhere access to company data and systems gives sales staff instant access to information during meetings with potential customers which helps get ahead of the competition.

It’s increasingly required by governing bodies

Government departments, agencies and public bodies are moving processes into the cloud and requiring businesses to submit data and information via online portals such as the HMRC. Industries regulated by government bodies could very soon be obligated to accommodate these platforms.

Your cloud, your way

We deliver and support a range of cloud-based services to both public sector and commercial organisations across a range of industries. Whether you need a secure private cloud, public cloud or the best of both worlds with a hybrid cloud platform, we have the expertise to advise and implement a solution tailored to your needs. Our cloud services include co-location managed services and fully managed services from our UK-based data centre, DRaaS, Office 365 and off-site cloud backup.

If you’re considering a move to the cloud, our cloud readiness assessment can help determine the best plan for your business. Get in touch today to start your cloud journey.