Effective Disaster Recovery for Two Castles Housing

Case Study: IT & Cloud Services

In reviewing business continuity arrangements, Two Castles identified a requirement to enhance its disaster recovery capability and processes and introduce a more robust solution that would enable the business to react quickly and efficiently in the event of a disaster.

The aim was also to optimise hardware, software and human resources to spend less time managing and supporting the technology and more time using it effectively to achieve business objectives.

Castle Computer Services was chosen to implement its Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution, which allows businesses to undertake a rapid recovery in the event of a disaster.

Peter Stockdale BSTI Manager at Two Castles Housing Association, said:

“We were looking for a competitive solution that would protect our data and offer scalability to support all of our users.

“Castle’s DRaaS solution meets all of our needs going forward by replicating our data to a secure off site location with a verification process which confirms that it is recoverable. The service includes an annual Disaster Recovery test and enables full recovery and access for all staff within one working day of a critical incident.

“The standby features of DRaaS allow for continuous high availability to a virtual infrastructure on an incremental basis, which minimises the recovery time.

“Our highest priority is to provide a quality service to our tenants and stakeholders and that requires robust disaster recovery arrangements at the core of our business continuity plan. Castle’s DRaaS solution gives the organisation confidence that we have mitigated effectively against the consequences of a critical incident so that there would be minimal impact on our service. We know that our data and systems are safe and recoverable using secure proven technology and a regime of annual review and testing provides additional peace of mind.”

Two Castles Housing Association (now Castles & Coasts Housing Association) is based in the north of England and provides a social housing service across the region from offices in Carlisle, Newcastle upon Tyne, Kendal and Whitehaven. 

Two Castles operates with over 100 staff and provides a variety of types of properties for 3700 social housing homes. The organisation is committed to enhancing its community and local area, providing safe and secure homes and a friendly environment.

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