Infrastructure refresh improves efficiency and capacity for Stronachs

Case Study: IT & Cloud Services

Stronachs has been operating at the heart of the north of Scotland’s economy for almost 200 years, honing the commercial skills that underpin the legal practice to match the demands of every generation of clients.

As one of the largest independent law firms in the north east of Scotland with offices in Aberdeen and Inverness, the firm undertakes corporate and commercial work, with specialist expertise in the energy sectors, as well as private client work and litigation.

After moving to a virtualised environment five years ago, Stronachs’ IT Manager, Ken Roberts, identified a need to update their infrastructure to boost resilience and capacity across the network. He said:

“After five years, our three host servers had lasted longer than expected, and the disaster recovery hardware had significantly outgrown its capacity, so the time had come to refresh our infrastructure and build in the necessary capacity for future growth.

“We upgraded the three host servers and SAN, configuring the existing servers to replace the disaster recovery hardware. This gave us scope to double the storage with just half the number of disks and we still have the capacity to further expand RAM as required.

“Our disaster recovery arrangements have been significantly enhanced with much greater capacity to meet all our needs. We also have much more scope for expansion and integration within the system.

“Based on previous experience, I was confident that working with Castle to implement the upgrade would be seamless with no interruption to service at all and that proved to be the case.

“We developed a plan to set up the new system alongside the existing infrastructure and undertake the migration during the working day. Castle’s experience of VMware made it so easy to upgrade, we now expect to extend the lifetime of our hardware to at least another five years.”

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