Qlik adds value for FDD International

Case Study: Qlik

FDD International is a market leader in the distribution of health and beauty products in the UK and overseas. The company has well established working relationships with key distribution partners in 35 counties around the world.

The business works with some of the world’s leading brands in toiletries, hair care, perfumery, skincare and beauty accessories from clients all over the world.

FDD International operates with over 35 brands, 400 products and 1,000 customers, which creates large volumes of data. The management team needed a high performance reporting and analysis solution that would provide ease of use while meeting the complex analytical challenges faced by the business. After a period of review, Qlik was selected as the preferred solution and rolled out across the enterprise.

Ruth Morgan Evans, Marketing Manager, FDD International, said: 

“Qlik provides essential data and analysis that informs our strategy to grow our customers’ brands. It allows us to closely monitor inventory and evaluate the impact of promotions, while providing the logistics team with forecasting data to ensure we hold the right amount of stock and maximise our inventory turnover. We also use Qlik to manage customer performance, an often overlooked metric, and it is an invaluable part of our budgeting process.

“We chose Qlik to provide a way to create reports quickly and easily. With such a large database of information it’s important to be able to interrogate the data as we need it. We get everything from it in an instant and can drill down into details as required. It doesn’t need a lot of training and our sales team really like the fact that in just a couple of clicks they can see up to date information on volumes and margins.

“We deal with many suppliers and products so Qlik ensures that our client facing teams are in a position to give customers up to date analysis of how their brands are performing so that strategies can be adjusted quickly if necessary. Our customers need this information to be provided quickly and in a simple, easy to consume format which the Qlik solution manages expertly.

“We also use Castle’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, which Castle implemented a number of years ago to better manage business processes and workflows. Castle developed Qlik to meet the exact needs of our business and it is now the foundation from which our strategic decisions are made.”

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