QlikView delivers a performance revolution at Stonewater

Case Study: Qlik

With over 12,500 homes across 95 local authorities, Stonewater (formerly Raglan Housing Association) is no stranger to the challenges that organisations can experience when trying to effectively manage performance.

Like many organisations, Stonewater was struggling to make the best use of its data. Staff were often disengaged and the information was hard to read and even harder to produce.So when the business improvement team decided things had to change, they called on Castle’s QlikView system and the opportunity to try a new approach.

Castle’s QlikView solution consolidates multiple data sources quickly, reducing the need to collate information from disparate systems in numerous spreadsheets and reports.

The simple dashboard also offers quick and powerful analysis of information and effective ‘what if’ scenario planning that is based on a single version of ‘the truth’. Crucially it is easy to use and encourages users to be curious about data.

As Matt Grant, Performance and Quality Analyst in Stonewater’s Business Improvement Team, said:

“The key is to get users to interact with the data themselves. We provide a range of helpful dashboards but the really useful insights come when individuals click through onto their analysis tab. That’s where they can start the journey for themselves.

“The QlikView solution provides dynamic and tailored information for all staff. It also allows them to drill down into whatever data they need. However, what’s been most important is the way that Castle has worked with us to find a solution that suits Stonewater”.

As Richard Acton, Business Intelligence Developer, remarks:

“Castle has an impressive track record in the housing sector and the way it has integrated to create one project team has really improved the quality and speed of implementation”.

Of course performance is about culture and attitude, but Castle’s QlikView system has helped deliver a real step-change in the organisation. Stonewater has already begun to see positive results and if the experience of other organisations is anything to go by, long may that continue.

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