QlikView Delivers Powerful Reporting for Wales and West Housing

Case Study: Qlik

Wales and West Housing has a clear vision to achieve strong, sustainable growth to make a difference to people’s lives, homes and communities.

The organisation manages more than 9,000 high quality, affordable homes in 12 local authority areas across Wales. These include more than 3,000 dedicated properties for older people as well as innovative supported housing for people with a range of particular needs.

As part of a strategic review of their ICT systems, the organisation identified a need to improve reporting. Richard Troote, Head of ICT at Wales and West Housing, said: 

“Our objective was to create a single trusted data source that could produce powerful up to date reports in a consistent, easy to use format.

“We considered several options and in the end it came down to a choice between Castle’s QlikView solution and one other. We set them both a challenge to create a live report and Castle was able to meet the brief in just a couple of hours, whereas the other party took three days.

“With QlikView we now have a single reporting tool that is embedded into SharePoint so that users don’t notice any difference and can concentrate on the data and what it is telling them, which is an accurate up to date position that will better inform their decisions.”

Gavin Jones, Senior Data Analyst at Wales and Housing, added: 

“Previously, it was difficult to bring together information from various sources quickly. Reports had to be broken up into separate extracts, which was time consuming, but QlikView does all that very quickly now.

“We can now create more bespoke reports and the information is updated every day, whereas before there was a cut off for information as it took so long for reports to be created. That meant that other things could have happened by the time the report was produced. We invested time in setting up a dashboard to meet the needs of the organisation, ensuring that data is up to date and quick and easy to access. We can also easily change and adapt this from within the team whenever required.

“We worked closely with the team at Castle and took time to learn about the system ourselves. Castle really understood our needs and approach and have supported us whenever we needed them.”

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