VMware is “absolutely the right choice” for Record UK

Case Study: IT & Cloud Services

When Record UK acquired two other businesses, the significant increase in user count prompted IT Manager, Paul Campbell, to review their system requirements and develop a plan to upgrade the network.

Paul Campbell, Record UK said:

“The priorities were to maintain a flexible, robust environment with separate machines and control disks and have the flexibility to be able to remotely switch servers on or off, and restart them when necessary.

“At the outset I was really rather sceptical about virtualisation. I felt that it probably wouldn’t offer us any benefit as we didn’t operate a huge number of servers, but it’s the best decision I’ve ever taken.

“I had already developed and costed a plan to buy six standard blade servers with built-in SAN when I received an invite to attend a VMware workshop at Castle. I went along to the event and after a full demonstration was really impressed and realised that there were clear benefits for our business. In fact I was so impressed that I asked Castle to implement a VMware solution for us!

“There is no question that VMware was absolutely the right choice for us. We are running MS Exchange and MS SQL on the same box without any performance issues. In fact, a major factor in classing the project as a success was the realisation of a significant improvement in MS SQL and Microsoft Dynamics CRM performance. Spreadsheets that used to take around 15 seconds to run are now running in 4 seconds on the new VMware servers and users have reported that the CRM is much more responsive.

“Virtualisation allowed me to test system upgrades in real systems without any problems and made the process incredibly simple. I was able to clone our live systems into a segregated test environment in just three minutes, while they were still running, and then take snapshots before trying out a stage of the upgrade. This proved an invaluable way of ironing out any issues before upgrading in the production environment.

“Our business has benefited from a significant improvement in network performance and I spend much less time on administration than would be the case with full servers. I would advise anyone considering investing in server technology to attend a VMware demo first as you really have to see the system in operation to understand the benefits it can deliver.”

Record UK specialises in commercial entrances and shop fronts including automatic door systems as well as aluminium manual doors and toughened glass entrances and screens.  The business’ HQ is in Wishaw, near Glasgow, with additional offices and a distribution depot in Batley, West Yorkshire and Farnborough, Hampshire.

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