Wright Health Group moves to Virtualised System

Case Study: IT & Cloud Services

Wright Health Group is a leading provider of dental materials, equipment, acrylic teeth and laboratory supplies sourced from quality suppliers and the company’s own manufacturing facility.

The company is headquartered in Dundee with offices in the USA, South Africa and Hungary. It provides a full service to dentists and lab technicians and prides itself on the quality and experience of its sales consultants, equipment specialists and services engineers.

The continued successful growth of the company, along with plans for a new online customer portal, created a need to upgrade the existing server hardware. After a review of options available, the IT team chose to move to a virtualised server environment with the introduction of a VMware solution from Castle Computer Services.

Irene Kennedy, Group IT Manager, Wright Health Group, said:

“We wanted to ensure we had as robust an infrastructure as possible to support the company’s continued growth plans. The investment in three host servers now gives us the potential to expand to around 14 servers, if required.

“In the past there have been issues with a server being down for as long as two days when there is a problem. Now if a server goes down we have the flexibility to easily build another very quickly, or move the server from host to host. It means what used to take days to deal with can now be addressed in a matter of hours.

“We expect to see real cost benefits over the long term and the immediate impact is there to see in the server room, which now has just one cage because there is much less hardware.

“We chose Castle because they have always given a very high standard of service and have a strong track record of expertise in virtualisation. We know that if you pick up the phone they are there for us.

“Another important aspect of the project involved knowledge transfer for our team. Castle worked closely with our team, providing invaluable training and support to give them the necessary skills and understanding of the virtualised environment, which will serve us well in the future.”

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