Providing the best possible security for your data and systems

Disasters can be both big and small, ranging from a simple flood affecting the electricity supply in your building to a full scale building fire and it’s important you have a Business Continuity Plan that can be put into action should a disaster occur.

A disaster can be any event, that in your opinion, prevents you from using your IT systems - either temporarily or permanently.

When our disaster recovery service is invoked, you will know we will be bringing your systems back online within hours, so you can focus on the other critical aspects of your organisation.

DRaaS from Castle provides the best possible security for your precious data and systems.

Utilising our unique technical expertise in data centres and business continuity, combined with our business software experience, we have created a system that securely replicates your data via encryption; validates the successful replication and verifies your data at a UK hosted world-class data centre. 

Points to consider:

Is your existing Business Continuity Plan up-to-date?

When was the last time you restored your data to test its integrity?

Do you retain a copy of your data off-site in case the worst happens?

In the event of a disaster:

How long would it take your organisation to recover your systems?

What would be the cost of this downtime in lost productivity and reputational damage wth your customers?

What would be the cost to your business if the data couldn't be restored?

How long could your organisation operate without access to critical data?

Get peace of mind

DRaaS forms part of your Business Continuity Plan (reducing insurance premiums), significantly reduces the risk of losing valuable data and reduces your IT spend as there's no need for DR infrastructure of management.

Your data will be restored and tested on a periodic basis and, if something does happen, you can be safe in the knowledge that your environment will be provisioned for recovery.

Get started with Disaster Recovery as a Service
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