Quick & Easy Payment Submissions

Enabling quick and easy payment submissions, PT-X is a cloud-based Bacs and Faster Payments solution that securely manages payments and Direct Debit collections for both bureau (indirect) and direct submitters.

  • Intuitive and easy way to process business payments and collections
  • View, process and approve payments and from anywhere at any time and from multiple devices
  • Pay only for the functionality you choose and the transactions you need
  • Fully protected and backed up ensuring that your business never misses a payment
  • Securely managed and transmitted by the leading payments provider
  • Eliminate the guess work in seconds by seeing who you’ve paid when and how

PT-X offers organisations the ability to process payments and collections from any location using secure, cloud-based technology, giving you increased mobility and flexibility when processing payroll and supplier payments or Direct Debit (DD) collections.

Simplify & Automate Payments & Collections with PT-X

Reduce operational costs

PT-X eliminates the need for on premise software and infrastructure, negating the upfront cost of software installations or the ongoing cost of upgrades, maintenance fees or on-site security updates. By reducing your capital expenditure and operational overheads, PT-X offers a cost-effective alternative to installed software, for businesses of any size, complexity and environment.

Anytime, anywhere

PT-X gives you the ability to view, process and approve payments from anywhere at any time and from multiple devices; offering greater visibility and control over your payments and cash flow.
All your transactions and files are fully backed up and can be accessed remotely. Building PT-X into your contingency plans ensures your business continues to run smoothly in the event of a disaster.

Take control of your cashflow with Bottomline PTX

Scales with your business

As a modular cloud offering, PT-X delivers the added advantage of paying only for the functionality you require and the transactions you process. Offering scalability, PT-X will easily grow with your payment processing needs, whether you’re a smaller business submitting a single file periodically or an enterprise organisation submitting multiple files more frequently.

Secure and compliant

Ensure your payments and collections get to the right place at the right time in the most secure and cost-effective way, with PT-X security features such as multi-user permissions and limits, specified levels of authorisation and workflow control and PKI file encryption.

How it Works

PTX simplifies the process in a few easy steps.

Btl Payment Img

Fast and simple

PT-X simplifies the processing of outbound payments and DD collections in three easy steps:

Step 1: Upload your payment file manually or automatically directly from your back-office systems.
Step 2: Select the payment date and validate the file details.
Step 3: Authorise the file using multi-user or multi-stage approval, and release the file for onward submission to Bacs.

Bottomline PTX is compatible with all accounting, payroll, and ERP packages.

Get started with PT-X

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