Effective cash management can make a serious difference to the profit on a job. Pegasus CIS Job Costing captures all contract information across every stage of a job and makes it immediately available for analysis.

Job Heads

Each job can be divided into an unlimited number of Job Heads, each of which can be linked to nominal accounts for automated journals. Each Job Head will hold separate information on budgets, revenue and costs to date, allowing actual-to-budget variance analysis and reporting.

You can set up original and revised budgets, and budgets can be split across periods. You can also set up revenue budgets that can also be split across periods, allowing cashflow forecasting. All cost transactions are posted to a Job and a Job Head. Job Heads can represent cost categories such as labour or materials, each with an unlimited number of subheads. If more detailed analysis on a job by job basis is required, you can make use of job Phases (both for costs and sales) to represent the stages, variations or subsequent orders for a job. In addition, jobs can also be linked to a Project to give a further level of grouping and analysis.

This flexibility allows costs to be tailored in a way that best suits the analysis needs of your business.

Revenue Transactions

A detailed audit file is held for all revenue transactions on a job, whether this is from direct invoices or from invoices generated via the payment applications and certification routines. You can also view and re-print any of the historic contract applications. If retention is held against an invoice or a contract, you can report on this and apply for the retention to be released on the correct date.

The system caters for:

  • Internal valuations
  • Applications and certificates
  • Direct sales invoice
  • Multi-currency
  • Retention
  • Retained tax for CIS standard rate contractors
  • Period cost and sales forecasting

Cost Transactions

A detailed audit file is held for all costs posted to each job. This information can be displayed per Job, Phase or Job Head, which can be sorted, filtered and grouped, giving instant on-screen analysis of all costs; this in turn can be linked to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

The system caters for:

  • Work in progress
  • Overhead recovery
  • Committed costs from suppliers and subcontractors
  • Accruals
  • Calculated costs to complete
  • Main contractor dsicount
  • Document attachment
  • General, site, surveying, engineering and operations notes held against a job

Posting Costs

Costs are posted to a job as detailed transactions with summary totals maintained at Job, Phase and Job Head levels. Flexible on-screen enquiries are available for all transactions.

Costs can be posted from the following sources:

  • Time recording
  • Payroll
  • Subcontractors Ledger
  • Purchase Invoice Register
  • Plant Hire
  • Stock Control
  • Internal Cost Allocations, Job Journals, Direct Costs, Petty Cash

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