Insights into past, present and future

Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM) offers intelligent business and financial performance management capabilities, so you can drive your overall business performance more effectively.

With Infor d/EPM, you'll have greater insight, so you can make more informed decisions across your enterprise.

Infor d/EPM can help you build competitive advantage and gain a holistic view of business performance. With these tools, your organisation can consistently measure past and current performance and forecast future activities.

Give your team access to business and financial performance data anytime, anywhere, and empower your staff to make better decisions. With Infor d/EPM, you can provide one central source of truth and a seamless connection between your transaction systems and your business intelligence - all with an engaging, innovative user experience.

Better insight means more informed decisions

When you deliver an integrated suite of applications for planning and analysis, combine it with compliance tools, and then connect it all to your underlying systems, you gain unprecedented insight into your business.

Decisions in context

Make decisions in the context of your business plans collaboratively across teams, rather than manually referencing reports in siloes.

Predictive analytics

Plan your business using predictive analytics and powerful forecasting capabilities to drive strategic, tactical, and operational decisions.

Insights on the go

Give users on the go insight into your business when they're out and about, regardless of where they are.

Pre-packaged content

Implement planning tools with pre-packaged content designed especially for your industry and the roles that drive your business.

Better investment decisions

Understand the impact of your plans before developing budgets to drive better investment decisions across your business.

Single source of truth

Have a single source of truth for all your business insights to better align strategy and execution.

Built-in collaboration

Use collaboration in the budgeting process so you can optimise your resources across both function and program.

Proactive monitoring

Combine performance and compliance solutions to proactively and automatically monitor your systems for security issues and violations.

Infor d/EPM
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