What if all of your source data applications (Finance/Workforce) could publish information automatically in real time, every time changes occurred? What if all of that information could be translated into business insights and delivered through a common interface, accessible anytime, from anywhere?

That's what Infor d/EPM makes possible. You get an integrated suite of financial performance management applications, packaged analytics, and compliance tools that operate across the complex web of your enterprise systems to deliver a real-time, single version of the truth. And with in-context business intelligence capabilities built in, the benefits go far beyond just easy access to data. You can understand risk, performance, and the impact of decisions company-wide.

Infor d/EPM’s budgeting capabilities bring together your budget numbers via the web or integrated spreadsheets, providing you with a single set of up-to-date data that can be used across the organisation and eliminating the need for re-keying data or fixing broken links from individual spreadsheets.

Forecasting is also made easy with Infor d/EPM. The intelligent software analyses the data from a selected subset, taking past trends and seasonal patterns into account, applies the most appropriate statistical technique, and generates a benchmark forecast within moments for you to compare against actual results.

Using Infor d/EPM's strategic planning functionality, organisations visibly link their corporate objectives to operational budgets, people and departments, daily activities, and financial and non-financial performance measures. This easy-to-use application allows people to not only view results, but also to investigate to what extent and how well initiatives are being implemented, determine whether initiatives are having the intended effect, and make changes when necessary to achieve established goals. This flexible application accommodates a variety of planning methodologies, including the Balanced Scorecard.

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