What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a marketing automation solution that can help turn prospects into business relationships.

Nurture more sale-ready leads
Nurture more leads across multiple channels and turn them into long-term, profitable relationships.

Align sales and marketing
Share information and processes across teams. Use common information about leads across your business to ensure sales and marketing have the latest data.

Make smarter decisions
Maximise marketing ROI with clear, concise dashboards that help you track marketing activities versus performance, prioritise the hottest leads, and know what works with your best customers.

Grow with a modern, adaptable platform
Drive innovation with an application that is easy to tailor, extend, and connect to other apps and services you already use.

To arrange a free demo of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, call us now on 01698 844 600 or contact us online and we'll get back to you at a time that suits you best.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing?
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Create and nurture leads

Run multichannel campaigns
Use email marketing, web landing pages, events, SMS integration, phone calls, and custom channels to attract the right prospects.

Personalise buyer experiences
Use configurable templates, reusable content blocks, design tools, and Microsoft Stream videos to prepare content and set up customer journeys based upon their engagement.

Nurture leads using LinkedIn
Use Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to target matched audiences, nurture leads, and create a buyer’s journey based on LinkedIn content and interactions.

Simplify event management
Organise in-person and digital events with an events portal to manage registrations, sessions, speakers and venue logistics. Use integration with ON24 or other webinar providers for digital events.

Align sales and marketing

Create one view of the customer
Share one source of information about contacts, leads, and customers to deliver consistent results across the buyer’s journey with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Close more deals with account-based marketing
Enable your sales and marketing efforts to target accounts most likely to generate the largest revenue. Orchestrate the buyer’s journey for account-level leads with personalised content, and nurture activities to Maximise revenue.

Track prospect throughout their journey
Prioritise leads ready for sales engagement with multiple lead scoring models and sales readiness grades. Move prospects more efficiently through the marketing and sales funnel with automated workflows to hand off sales-ready leads and drive follow ups.

Increase productivity
Easily set up and view campaigns with marketing calendars showing campaign timelines and activities. Also use familiar Office 365 tools for collaboration with colleagues, leads, and customers.

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Make smarter decisions

Gain marketing insights
Use out-of-the-box dashboards, marketing analysers, and get real-time interactions to quickly gain insights. Also build custom dashboards to analyse performance.

Focus on top priorities
Use embedded intelligence like dynamic segmentation to target the right audience, multiple lead scoring models to prioritise leads, and customer interactions insights to personalise engagement.

Monitor multiple marketing channels
Use Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights to bring together insights from events, emails, and landing pages, as well as social listening data from various social media platforms.

Improve social engagement
Use social insights to gain competitive intelligence, measure, and manage your brand reputation.

Survey customers
Conduct online surveys to better understand your customer needs and apply learning to your marketing investments.

Innovate with a modern and adaptable marketing and sales software platform

Adapt quickly
Accelerate time to market and adapt the application to your needs with no-code visual editors and tools that make it easy to build and deploy web and mobile apps.

Extend and connect
Automate processes across Dynamics 365 applications and third-party systems for better service engagement experiences.

Invest with confidence
Rely on the Microsoft cloud platform to reduce the cost and complexity of operating a global infrastructure and trust our state-of-the-art datacentres to safeguard your data.

Drive innovation
Transform your customer interactions with deep insights provided by artificial intelligence that guide your teams to the right business outcomes.

To arrange a free demo of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, call us now on 01698 844 600 or contact us online and we'll get back to you at a time that suits you best.

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