Fortuna Dynamics for Furniture Retail builds on the core business management capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to provide added value for furniture retailers and offers complete integration with other Microsoft products, including Office 365.

Fortuna gives you control and instant visibility over sales and margins, cash, supply and trends, which in turn can drive down costs and increase profitability.

With over 30 years’ experience in providing solutions in the furniture retail sector, Castle has developed unique functionality to cover product configuration, catalogue management, pricing, full product traceability, showroom and web ordering/tracking, stock control, warehouse control, delivery planning, customer and supplier returns, customer services, etc.

Multi-channel retailing

Options for multi-channel retailing (website integration, point of sale, etc) are also available as part of the overall solution.

Managing the sale through to delivery

Furniture retail is not like most other retail businesses as the customer is unlikely to leave the store with their purchase under their arm. Added to that, their chosen item may or may not be in stock; they may want to pay for it in advance or more likely they may want to pay only a deposit and arrange finance for the balance.

The sale needs to be managed from the moment that the customer walks into the store, makes their selection, through arranging payment terms to delivery and beyond through the after sales service.

Communications - the key to success

Communication with the customer throughout this process requires an end-to-end solution that allows you, the retailer, to manage that communication in a way that matches your business needs and priorities with your customers’ expectations. Whether it’s by phone or email, text message or letter, Fortuna Dynamics provides a fail-safe way to manage the sale to completion.

Supply chain - getting the right products at the right time

Communication with the supplier is just as important and here, timing and accuracy are crucial to ensuring that the correct item is delivered to the right place at the right time, to the right person. Through Fortuna Dynamics every customer is a unique entity where every aspect of the sale is linked automatically to a single identity number to ensure that that the customer gets what they expect, when they expect it.

Helping you manage sale and promotion activities

Throughout the year there are key seasonal opportunities for retailers that each present the prospect of increased sales and increased demands on the infrastructure supporting the business. The groundwork for events such as the January Sale are key to the success of the sales period: everything from pricing changes to point of sale materials have to be in place and accurately aligned to the stock on the floor to ensure that what the customer selects can be delivered.

Easy and quick price changes

Fortuna Dynamics’ unique set of applications allows for easy price change management from supplier price lists with no need to re-key data, thus minimising the chance of error and reducing administrative overhead costs associated with large scale temporary price adjustments.

Customer Relationship Management

The integrated Customer Relationship Management module allows for smarter and more penetrating marketing campaigns which can be run in advance or during the sale. Follow-up emails can be automated and loyalty schemes operated.

Customer Services

Fortuna has an in-built module for Customer Services including collections, replacements, repairs, loans, supplier returns, expediting, digital photographs, scanned documents, and correspondence tracking. This is supported by management and operational reporting in user-definable categories and formats.

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